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How to Turn off iMessage

When we moved to non-apple devices, we need to turn off iMessage. Otherwise, your friends and family devices cannot identify that you are a none iOS user. So, when they try to send iMessage, it will send as iMessage to you and will not get a message. Due to this reason, you must deregister iMessage from your mobile account. In this article will guide you on how to turn off iMessage easily.

How to turn off iMessage on your iPhone
You can do it easily if you already have your iOS device. Then you can turn off iMessage from iPhone and moved to none iOS device. If you already removed your sim card, make sure to add it iPhone again. And also connect to the internet your device. Now go to Setting and tap on Message. On Message, there is a toggle switch to turn off iMessage. Just tap on it and Turn off. That's it.
Once you turned it off, you will successfully turn off iMessage from your mobile number.
How to turn off iMessage online
If you don't have an iPhone now and, you need to deactivate iMessage. How possible to do that?  You can turn off iMessage from online. Apple provides online service to do that  You can remove your mobile number from Apple iMessage servers.  You can follow this way to turn off iMessage online.
2. Enter your phone number on: Enter your phone number" text box and click on "Send code."
3.Once you click it, you will get a code, Copy that code and enter on "Enter confirmation code" text field and on submit. Now your number will be removed from iMessage service.
In conclusion, I hope this article helped you to know how to turn off iMessage from iPhone and online method. These methods are effortless to follow. And also these two are the only method to turn off iMessage if you have any questions regarding this leave a comment.